People socialising at CityLight Church North Adelaide.


What to expect on a Sunday

Every Sunday morning we meet together at 200 Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide. Our mornings start with pre-service prayer, held each week from 9:30am. This prayer time is optional, although encouraged for regular attenders.

Free barista-made coffee or tea is provided on the front door for you to enjoy during the service.

We gather at 10:00am to worship God, pray, read from His word – the Bible, and partake in communion. A message is shared which is biblically focussed.

Every second week we provide a free meal to all who want to come. We encourage everyone to come along, eating delicious food around long tables in a family style, which encourages fellowship and community.

People listening to a Bible talk at a CityLight Church North Adelaide Sunday service.
People gathered around long tables eating lunch at CityLight Church North Adelaide.
A woman in conversation at CityLight Church North Adelaide.
Fresh coffee being made at CityLight Church North Adelaide.
A band worshipping God with music at CityLight Church North Adelaide.

Car Parking

On a Sunday there is plenty of free parking along Jeffcott Street and Childers Street in the vicinity of the church. Please be aware some street parking is reserved for residential Permit Holders. 


In the side hall, directly attached to the church, we provide a kids ministry for all ages during the entirety of the service. We are also happy for infants and children to remain in the service and love the energy and light they can bring to the community.

We are committed to being a safe place for all and especially to safeguarding children. Our full policy can be read here.


What to Wear

We encourage everyone to dress as they feel comfortable, so just come in your normal, everyday clothes.



Our music style is considered and varied. We worship to a range of music from traditional and beautiful hymns, to more open and free anthems.

People praying at CityLight Church North Adelaide.


We believe that prayer is foundational for our faith, knowing that God hears and answers our prayers in His own perfect grace and timing.

Every week we spend time in prayer for our gathering, our church family, our ministries and the wider community of North Adelaide and beyond. We would love you to join us for this prayer time, each Sunday from 9:30am.

We would also love to be praying for you. Feel free to email us with any prayer requests throughout the week or submit a written prayer request into the ‘Prayer’ box, which resides at the back of the church.


Every Sunday we hear from the Bible, believing that it is God’s word, and that His word is as powerful and relevant as ever. We want to teach the passages faithfully, so we generally work our way through the entirety of books of the Bible. This allows us to grasp the deep truths in their words, appreciating the context they were written in, yet applying them to our lives today.

A Bible talk on a Sunday service at CityLight Church North Adelaide.