Song Theology

Glorious Mystery | Theology

Glorious mystery is all about the gospel. It sings of God’s great sacrifice in amazement. Below is an explanation of the lyrics.
Verse 1
   Oh what a mystery
   That you would give your son for me
   Yet I know it’s who you are
   That you would save us from the start
The idea of the “mystery” is found many times in the scriptures (Colossians 2:2, Ephesians 3:4, Romans 11:25). There are many mysteries about our God (we should not be surprised about this, since he is God of the universe). The mystery we sing of here is that the Father God has given his son for us. We believe this to be the culmination of God’s great plan from the beginning, to have humanity and himself in communion (Genesis 3:8), and to save us after we had fallen (Genesis 3:15). This not in spite of who God is, but because of who he is (Philippians 2:6).
Verse 2
   Lead us from our sinful ways
   Gave us family in your name
   People who exalt the Lord
   We’ll do so forevermore
Continuing our story in the lyrics, we move on to what else God has done for us, other than a positional change, God has sanctified us (Hebrews 10:10), he has given us community, who is this community? It is those who worship God and will do so forever in the new earth (Acts 2:24, Revelation 66:22).
   Evermore our hearts     
   they will sing      
   All the praise that we
  live to bring         
   We were dead in sin
   Now Made alive 
   Only by the blood
    Blood of Christ 
This is a section of praise proclaiming that we will praise him forever. From our hearts to say that it is genuine and heartfelt. We live to bring him praise because he is deserving of it. Our praise is because of our reversal of status, dead to alive, only by the blood of Christ. If you want to know more about all of this, check out Ephesians 2.
   God forever
   We will follow
   You in all our 
   Lives to worship
   We will be your
   Light to the world
   Hands and feet to
   Heal the broken
   We will share the 
   Beautiful word
   Of your truth that
   You have saved us
   All forgiven
   Through the gospel
   Life eternal
This section is the proclamation of what we will do, worshipping with our lives. We will share the gospel as lights of the world, being his agents in the world. Living in forgiveness, eternal life and being fully restored to him and in ourselves. I hope this is the story of your life, and your church. I hope you are encouraged as you hear this song, but also drawn to repentence of sin and life lived with God every day.
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