Behind the scenes

Worship Song Podcast

By February 5, 2020February 6th, 2020No Comments

CityLight is making a podcast as a resource to help churches to be able to write, record, and release their own music. Much more than seeing people play our own music, we care about spreading the idea of the local church writing music for its own congregation and then sharing that music as a resource for other churches. We imagine a future where Christian music becomes more stylistically diverse and gains a thematic width which matches that of scriptures.

We want to contribute to the knowledge out there about this with what we have to offer. We don’t do this because we are a large church with notoriety (we aren’t), but instead, because we are a relatively small church, writing, recording and releasing our own music, doing the best we can to glorify our great God in our context and add to the songs which praise his name.

We hope you find our podcast helpful, it’s raw (we’re still learning), but we believe the content will be useful for churches looking to invest time and resources into the ministry of writing, recording, and releasing songs.