Hey There

If you’re visiting Church Church for the first time, or just here to check out what happens at our gatherings, welcome!

We’d love to have you join us on a Sunday at 2 Byron St, Glenelg at 10am or 5:15pm; or at one of our many Discipleship Groups that meet throughout Adelaide during the week – we just rock up casual, no need to dress up or look fancy (cause we won’t!).

We know you’d expect a church meeting to be different to going to another social gathering like a party, so it’d be great to fill you in on what goes on and let you know up front what we’ll be doing – we’ll talk about what God’s up to in our lives (ie. testimony), read the Bible, explain the Bible(ie. preaching), talk to God (ie.prayer), express and celebrate our faith in what God has done for us (ie. singing) and eat bread dipped in wine (or juice) to remember the death of Jesus (ie. Communion).

Sundays at CityLight

Visiting a church for the first time can be a little daunting. Where do I go? Where do my kids go? Is it safe? What will the music be like? What is the teaching like? What will people be wearing? Will it be weird? Am I wasting my time only to find out that this is just not the right fit for me? These are all valid questions to ask when looking for a new church. Here is a brief run-down of what to expect at any church gathering at CityLight.


Parking is plentiful near our gatherings. If you’re happy for a few minute walk, you should have no problem finding a free spot nearby.

In Glenelg, the cinema across Jetty Rd has free parking for the first 2 hours. There are many all day parks in High st, Glenelg, which is about 3 minutes walk. Around Byron street there are a fair few 2 hour parks, pretty much in front of the church. There’s also a tram stop on Jetty rd, Glenelg, right next to Byron st!

CityLight Kids

We want to see children know Jesus and love Him!!
We are passionate about running a children’s program full of free play, games, crafts and songs. We follow the Gospel Project Kids program which teaches the Bible using simple verses and bible stories to introduce the gospel message in a tangible way. We love partnering with our parents to create easy transitions into our Kids room. Each week we send home activities for families to continue teaching and learning together.
Our friendly, vibrant kids team are trained, mandated notifiers and have current police checks to ensure that child safety is our highest priority.
We can’t wait to see you in CityLight Kids this sunday

Sunday Gatherings

On arrival you’ll be welcomed by smiling faces. These greeters can answer many questions you may have. You’ll probably notice a pretty easy-going environment where people are dressed casually. You are welcome to wear a suit and tie if that’s what you are used to, but you may be the only one dressed up that much! If you arrive early, you’ll have no problem getting a seat of your choice. If you arrive a little late and the room looks full, don’t worry… we’ll help you find an open spot. There is also free barista made coffee from our wonderful coffee team; feel free to ask, it won’t cost you a cent, grab a cappuccino or a latte, or something more adventurous.

Music Styles

The musical style of church gathering will vary from week to week. We have been blessed with a large number of talented musicians and vocalists who have been organised into multiple bands each with a unique sound. One band might feel a little louder and very plugged in. The next week might have a laid-back feel to it. The next week might be stripped down to just acoustic instruments. We sing newer songs as well as a lot of very old hymns with modern arrangements, breathing new life into some of the best songs from the past. The quality, diversity and Christ-centered depth of our worship is without a doubt, a defining aspect of CityLight Church.


Our teaching time is focused on taking the deep truths of The Bible and explaining them in a manner that makes sense today. We alternate series preaching through books of the Bible, and topic based series. Expect our sermons to last roughly 45 minutes. Listen to past messages HERE.

Responding to God’s Word

Every week after the sermon, we respond in worship in a few different ways. First, Christ-followers will be invited to take part in communion (you may know it as the Eucharist, or the Lord’s Supper). This really keeps us focused on the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. During that time we’ll continue worshiping in song. We’ll close the gathering with a few announcements.

Stick Around

Don’t feel like you need to run out right away; we’d love to get to know you better! Many people  hang around after each gathering to connect and even go together to one of the numerous restaurants, cafes, and pubs within easy walking distance.

Hope to see you this Sunday!