CityLight Church Glenelg is a community made up of hundreds of people from all over Adelaide who have a great hope in the person and work of Jesus. We also have a great work from Him in being His ambassadors to our neighbours; embodying and communicating the gospel with our lives and our words.

Due to Covid19, we’ve been encouraged by government and experts to help the whole city of Adelaide in our collective response by practicing physical distancing in our Sunday gatherings.

In order to safely physically distance, and comply with state regulations, we are moving back to having THREE gatherings each Sunday – 9am, 11am, & 5:15pm.

The 9am gathering will be the only one with our full CityLight Kids program, so if you have primary school aged children, please try to come to that gathering. Of course, you are welcome to any of the gatherings across Sunday!

We will continue to stream the 11am gathering.

Sunday Live Stream

You can participate in the 11am gathering online; here, on YouTube, and on Facebook. So, if you can’t gather at Byron St due to sickness, work, or any other circumstance, you can still ‘gather’ in a sense online each week.

We are still gathering in our smaller midweek Discipleship Groups in private homes; but we want to continue to practice good hygiene. If you are sick or live with someone who is sick, please take advantage of technology and connect in via Skype/Zoom/FaceTime/Google hangout.

This is not in any way a response made out of fear, but out of love for those who are most susceptible to the more severe effects of this virus. Our response as Christians is to always run toward darkness (and bring light), toward danger (and bring hope), toward the vulnerable (and bring help), and toward the lost (and bring love).. In difficult situations, we are to be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

So, here we’re being proactive, not reactive. We want to serve those around us, and one way we can do that well right now is adapt how we hold our larger gatherings.

We’ll still be out there individually, in families, and in smaller groups; serving, loving, bringing help, bringing hope.. in fact, this is one of the reasons Discipleship Groups have been so foundational to CityLight Church from the beginning – we’re not a mass of individual spectators who go to a church service once a week to receive religious goods and services; but the very body of Christ – being salt, being light, being His witnesses, in community, on mission, every day – in many ways this is business as usual for us!

If you need help with anything, have any questions, want to pray with someone, or would like to help in some way, please contact your DG leader, or head to If you’d like to join a Discipleship Group, or find out more about joining one, got to

We love you heaps, we’ll keep you updated on coming changes, and we’re looking forward to gathering this Sunday!